Prices Subject to Change Without Notice    


Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke & Orange Soda, Root Beer $3.50
Hot Thai Spice Tea, Herbal Hot Tea $3.00
Hot Ginger (Pre- Sweetened), Hot Coffee $3.50
Thai Ice Tea (Pre-Sweetened)& Thai Ice Coffee (Pre-Sweetened)& $4.00
Lemonade, Orange Juice, Apple juice $3.50
Mineral Water, Sparkling Mineral Water $3.50
Torani Italian Soda $3.50

Black Rice Pudding $5.00
Ice Cream (Coconut , Vanila or Green Tea ) $6.00
Coconut Custard w/Sweet Rice or Black Rice $6.00
Fried Banana w/Ice Cream (Vanila,Coconut or Green Tea) $8.00
Strawberry Cheese Cake (Scrumptious Strawberry Ice cream on
a New York Cheesecake base )
Roti with Ice cream $8.00
Mango with Sweet Rice Seasonal